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Tou Yang
Owner of HVACTrade.net

Hvac Installer
Heat Load Calculation (Manual J)
Duct Design (Manual D)
3D Modeling
Task Automation
Hvac SEO
Tactical SEO
Web Design
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Social Media

My Entry into HVAC

I was the average gamer dude who played video games nonstop around 2019. I basically got tired of that life and wanted something more physical so I went to school for HVAC. It was the one that stood out to me so I jumped the gun with a phone call to UEI College.

I really enjoyed the basic refrigeration cycle and electrical mods they taught in the class. Eventually after 2 months I ended up helping the teacher help students in class struggling with wiring diagrams and understanding the cycle. I was soon asked to be a student mentor and ended up graduating in June 2020 with a 4.0 GPA!

My First HVAC Job
September 2020 – March 2021

My first job was at Donald P Dick…boy that was a mess. I was not used to doing anything to full-on construction HVAC installs. This job was a great entry for me but wasn’t the right job for me. I had some great guys show me and keep me on track with making sure my installs were more about quality. Eventually I felt like I wasn’t learning anything new so I decided to leave the company to pursue a better hvac career.

My 2nd HVAC Job
April 2021 – Present

This was one of the best opportunities that I ever came across. I applied to a company that had the greatest reviews in Fresno. Luckily Aaron from Balanced Comfort called me the same day I applied. The interview went great and I started my journey there as an HVAC Installer.

This was completely different game as I was now in the residential install scene. It helped me a lot as I was usually anti social but this job allowed me to communicate and become a better speaker with customers. This company was actively trained their employees. I was able to learn a lot from this company and had great people I can talk to if I had a question about a certain problem that I needed to get solved.

My Progression into Manual D & Manual J

I started getting interested in Duct Designs and Heat Load Calculations. I first started off asking presiters to show me how the did their calculations. I was able to learn multiple ways people did their things but I wanted to learn how to do them professionally which lead me to getting books for ACCA J & D.

I was given the task to start designing and I had fun with it! Throwing myself right into Wrightsoft was no easy feat. It was hell at first and confusing. I almost gave up but I pushed through and took PG&E classes to learn more about heat load calculations and duct design. I caught on really fast and soon this became a breeze to me. I plan on taking on more softwares like Kwikmodel in my near future.

Moving over to HVAC SEO, Web Designs, and Adwords

One of the greatest things about working at Balanced Comfort was that I was able to become a Jedi of All Trades with this company. I was offered the opportunity to learn about SEO and Adwords. I already had web experience so this all came in seamless to me. I was able to see the bigger picture! Getting my employers website to the top page of Google was no small feat! It took blood sweat and tears hahaa.

In Conclusion

I am actively learning multiple things to further progress myself in the HVAC Trade as its something I really enjoy. Networking something I plan on doing to meet likeminded individuals in this trade and share ideas and thoughts about projects that need to be more modern that has not came to light yet. Who knows maybe I might invent something new for this trade? =)